2021’s Short Term Forecast

It’s very clear January 2021 continues to reflect troubled and challenging times.

We join with you and your families in hoping everyone gets through these challenging times with good health, both physical and mental, and that what is being experienced now, will soon be behind us.

We are committed to following local authorities by following public health regulations to help slow & stop the spread of this stubborn, tenacious virus. Additionally, Squash Ontario is key in guiding how squash clubs go about operating their sports facility. They have been an instrumental go-to resource and will continue to be instrumental in determining key policy and short term operating procedures so that everyone stays safe.

While acceptance of new memberships at the present time is on hold, we welcome your comments and questions as the next few months play out.

rhsquashclub@gmail.com | 905.884.6062

‘Stay at Home Order’, Province Wide:
RHSC will continue to be fully closed until further notice.
This is very unfortunate. We share member’s and the community’s disappointment and frustration. Ongoing, the Board is committed to keeping abreast of public health announcements and Squash Ontario recommendations.

As we get updates, so will you, and quickly. Until we’re open again, either partly or fully, we wish you good health and encourage you to stay active in safe and allowable ways.

RHSC 2021 Golf Tournament
Some good news!


Mark your calendar; add it to your ‘2021 hope-chest’. Hopefully, ‘good to go’ by September.

Members, community friends; keep well and stay active in safe and allowable ways.

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RHSC – Happy New Year & Request for Assistance

One of our own needs our help. 

The great majority of RHSC members are looking forward to 2021 when we’ll be entering into the light after a very dismal year.

On behalf of RHSC President and Board of Directors, I wish you all the best in 2021 and for years to come. There will be excellent squash to be played, celebrations to be rung in, and hugs and kisses to be enjoyed.

Joan Brann and her husband Bob and their family have a very different view of the coming year. Bob has been diagnosed with ALS, which is better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, and it must be one of the worst conditions to have. The mind knows what to do and think but the body can’t follow the mind’s signals. Bob, an accomplished guitarist, singer and harmonica jammer can no longer produce a note and will soon need a lot of help getting through a day. As well as Personal Support Workers he will need various equipment like a chair lift or a wheelchair and this is where we can help.

Joan and Bob’s daughter, Aja, have set up a GOFUNDME link where we can donate any amount we want. It is a matter of many contributing small amounts and together it builds into a significant amount.
We, at the RHSC, are Joan’s community of friends and I know we have each other’s backs when things get rough. And so I’m asking that our squash club community go forward into better times to please hit the link below and make your donation. It can be anonymous or not and there is not a tax receipt but there is that joy that you’ll receive from helping one of our own.


I did it and it took less than a minute. 


Thanks for your support,
Don Pocock, 
Director, Richmond Hill Squash Club


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York Region enters ‘Grey – Lockdown’, RHSC Fully Closed

Regrettably, York region joins Toronto and Peel region in Lockdown in our joint fight in containing the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.
This development is obviously not where we hoped we were headed, however, the RHSC Board of Directors agree our club’s closure is a necessary step in order to help contain the spread and get everyone back to as close to normal as soon as possible.
Until then, we wish everyone good health and encourage you to stay active in safe ways. Follow us on Facebook for squash exercise & great training tips during the club closure. Watch this space and Facebook for further updates around facility news and changes to guidelines and regulations.
Be well.
RHSC Communications


rhsquashclub@gmail.com | 905.884.6062
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Checking In: York Region & North GTA Remains in Red Classification

Good afternoon Richmond Hill.
The province announced ”Lockdowns” in Toronto and Peel designed to help slow the spread. As neighbours, we support you in every way we can.


York Region, and Richmond Hill was not included in this tightening strategy. We encourage our Squash Club members to continue to do our part to help keep our families, friends and all communities healthy and safe by doing our part by strictly following protocols currently in place.


With everyone’s compliance, we will beat this virus and help speed our way back to some version of normalcy as soon as possible.


Stay safe.
RHSC Board of Directors


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Richmond Hill Squash Club Updates COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Because York region has progressed from the Orange to Red classification, the RHSC has tightened its facility protocols. No one in our squash community wanted these increasingly difficult guidelines, however, everyone agrees, they are absolutely necessary to help keep everyone safe and healthy.
If you want more information about the Richmond Hill Squash Club and the current protocols in place, please contact us at your convenience.


rhsquashclub@gmail.com | 905.884.6062

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Return to Play Protocol Changes – York Region Stage 2

All Members,

By now you will have heard York Region has moved back to Stage 2 modified category and this will have an impact on our current “Return to Play” protocols.

Richmond Hill Squash Club with guidance from Squash Ontario will adopt the following protocols for the next 28 days or until we are out of the Stage 2 category.

As of October 19th, 2020, pursuant to Ontario legislation, the playing protocols are subject to the following restrictions:

Permitted Activities: 

  • a) A distance of 2 metres between players in the club must be maintained at all times, except for players living within the same household; solo practice, controlled coaching and modified distanced drills in pods are permitted but no singles or doubles game play allowed unless all players are within the same household.
  • b) A maximum of 10 players is permitted at any one time within the club.
  • c) We will continue to maintain the use of Pods to limit the number of interactions among players within a facility.
  • d) All current protocols including signing in, online booking, cleaning remain in place.

Club Operations: 

  • a) Fitness area will be closed and cannot be used during the Stage 2 Category.
  • b) No guests or spectators are permitted in the facility.
  • c) Showers in the club will be closed.

I look forward to your support in adhering to the protocols as we continue to weather the current challenges.

Mustafa S
Richmond Hill Squash Club



If you have any questions, connect with us at: 
rhsquashclub@gmail.com | 905.884.6062

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Doing our part will help ensure we get back to ‘full normal’ as soon as possible
Greetings Richmond Hill Squash Club members and GTA Sports Enthusiasts.
We’re so fortunate, our sports club is open. Members are playing with Squash Ontario guidelines in full force. Our commitment to player safety and the good health of our community is at the forefront of everything we do.
Let’s make sure we are all abiding by the protocols in order to keep you, your family, other members and the community safe.


If you have any questions, connect with us at: 
rhsquashclub@gmail.com | 905.884.6062

~enhancing your squash club experience in North GTA~


Passing of our Founder — Mr. Doug Allen

Our beloved founder Doug Allen passed away on Oct. 1st.

Doug’s influence and inspiration travelled near and far over many years. He touched countless lives with his energy, his thoughtfulness and his limitless humour. We in his squash club are the beneficiaries of Doug’s vision and persistence.

Fifty years ago his vision was realized with the Richmond Hill Squash Club’s groundbreaking and subsequent construction becoming a reality. Over these fifty years countless friendships were made, too many games to count were played, celebrations big and small brought us all together and all due to Doug’s dreams, his inclusivity and perseverance.

One original North American style court transformed over the years to four International courts and a marvelous doubles court under the guidance of Doug. His leadership and trust in others shaped success in everything he did.

His reach extended to Central America where he was the driving force to build 26 schools under the Schools for Children of the World banner, an organization that he founded. Currently there is a high school under construction in Honduras named after Doug Allen to ensure that his monumental efforts will always be remembered.

Closer to home he founded the Richmond Hill canoe club and taught many kids the art of paddling and to respect our waterways.

Doug’s squash game was an awesome combination of shots, gamesmanship, savvy timing and of course intimidation. As a left-hander his angles and positioning put many a player at a real disadvantage. He would smile broadly at his opponent but at the end of a match his quickness was still intact as he offered his opponents a friendly beer.

Doug you meant so much to so many and to say you’ll be missed is the greatest understatement.

Don Pocock


Welcome New Members to Squash In Richmond Hill

The new squash season is here. While Return to Play (RTP) conditions are currently guiding how we are all able to play, we’re doing everything possible to ensure your safety and get us back on court.

We have a special COVID introductory rate for any new application, rates are below:

2020/21 Annual Membership, Discounted Special Pricing Payment Frequency Fee HST Total Grand total
Single Monthly payment $ 82.62 $ 10.74 $ 93.36 $ 933.60
Single Annual $ 761.18 $ 98.95 $ 860.13 $ 860.13
Family Monthly payment $ 129.96 $ 19.42 $ 149.38 $ 1493.80
Family Annual $ 1224.00 $ 159.12 $ 1383.12 $ 1383.12

If you are interested in exploring membership opportunities including our current ‘discount offer’ at a great north Toronto sports facility, please DOWNLOAD the following application form and send it, to at your convenience, to rhsquashclub@gmail.com, someone will be in touch with you shortly to review and welcome you.

Download (DOC, 29KB)

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