COVID-19, Challenging Times For Sure

Standing as one community, everyone is continuing to cautiously navigate our way through today’s uncharted waters. What a voyage!
Thankfully, ‘together-apart’, we’re seeing signs of real progress.

The Richmond Hill Squash Club, however, must remain closed for the time being. We are carefully monitoring day to day developments, paying particular attention to our healthcare and government officials for evolving regulations and guidance.

Our Number One Priority is Steadfast: Safety First
As we tackle these challenges together, we will keep our members and the community appraised of squash club operational plans in as timely a manner as possible.

We encourage everyone to ‘stay tuned’ to local healthcare experts and listen to their medical guidelines and recommendations.

Hope is in the Air
Above all, stay safe and optimistic because together, we’ll get through these challenging times as quickly as possible.
Richmond Hill Squash Club Board of Directors

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