2021’s Short Term Forecast

It’s very clear January 2021 continues to reflect troubled and challenging times.

We join with you and your families in hoping everyone gets through these challenging times with good health, both physical and mental, and that what is being experienced now, will soon be behind us.

We are committed to following local authorities by following public health regulations to help slow & stop the spread of this stubborn, tenacious virus. Additionally, Squash Ontario is key in guiding how squash clubs go about operating their sports facility. They have been an instrumental go-to resource and will continue to be instrumental in determining key policy and short term operating procedures so that everyone stays safe.

While acceptance of new memberships at the present time is on hold, we welcome your comments and questions as the next few months play out.

rhsquashclub@gmail.com | 905.884.6062

‘Stay at Home Order’, Province Wide:
RHSC will continue to be fully closed until further notice.
This is very unfortunate. We share member’s and the community’s disappointment and frustration. Ongoing, the Board is committed to keeping abreast of public health announcements and Squash Ontario recommendations.

As we get updates, so will you, and quickly. Until we’re open again, either partly or fully, we wish you good health and encourage you to stay active in safe and allowable ways.

RHSC 2021 Golf Tournament
Some good news!


Mark your calendar; add it to your ‘2021 hope-chest’. Hopefully, ‘good to go’ by September.

Members, community friends; keep well and stay active in safe and allowable ways.

~enhancing your squash club experience~


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