Richmond Hill Squash Club Returns to ‘RED Control’ Classification – February 23, 2021

Good evening RH Squash Club Members.
With the approval of the Province and Local Public Health, we have been advised that York Region is returning to the Red-Control Zone, effective February 22nd.

Consequently, the Richmond Hill Squash Club is able to reopen, effective Tuesday, February 23rd. You will recall, the Red-Control Zone level of health safety protocols is what was imposed back in November 2020, before York entered ‘Stay at Home’ status.

We must stress to all members, the present COVID-19 Pandemic remains a very serious and ongoing health issue and everyone must continue to exercise extreme caution and follow all the protocols when going about their adjusted daily routine.

Playing Squash at the Richmond Hill Squash Club under Red-Zone Conditions

1. Game Play

  • No regular on court game play is permitted, unless players are in the same household
  • Drills are permitted among members in same pod
  • During drills, players must maintain distance of at least 2 meters
  • Courts will be marked with allowed zones; you must adhere to your zone
  • Solo practice is permitted, singles and doubles

2. Coaching

  • Coaches must maintain a distance of at least 2 meters and wear a mask

3. Staying Safe

  • It is required that everyone wear certified eye-wear and a mask when on court
  • While in the club, members must maintain two-meter physical distancing at all times

4. Guests & Spectators

  • No guests nor spectators are permitted
  • Exemption for children who can be accompanied by one parent/guardian

5. Playing in Pods Only

  • Maximum 10 players per pod – members can only be in one pod/team at a time and can change a maximum of once per month
  • ‘sign up’ for pod play is on the bulletin board at the club (must be strictly adhered to)

Ongoing Safety Protocols

In addition to the above Red classification requirements, members MUST follow these additional protocols-

  1. Arrive 5 minutes before your booked court time, no earlier
  2. Sign in on every visit, instructions are the same as before, follow sign in procedure posted at front door entrance
  3. Advance booking only, no drop ins (courts are available on a ‘staggered basis only’ to minimize exposure to others, see online booking)
  4. Wear a mask/face covering at all times while in the club
  5. Wipe down the court door handle with sanitizer on arrival and again on departure
  6. When on court, avoid touching the walls at all times and stay 2 meters apart while doing drills with another player
  7. Maintain 2 meter physical distance while in the club at all times
  8. Change rooms, showers and saunas are closed. Washrooms are open
  9. Use hand sanitizer generously to clean your hands while at the club
  10. When your booked court time is expired, LEAVE the club promptly (this is very important for air quality safety)

If we want to keep members and families and the community safe, and we want to keep the club open, we must strictly follow these protocols on every visit.

Stay safe and mindful of the guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation.
RHSC Communications

~enhancing your squash club experience~


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