Singles Ladder

The Ladder is an opportunity for members to compete against players of their own caliber on a regular basis. The Ladder is adjusted monthly, based on the previous month’s results and the addition of new players or voluntary or involuntary removal of players from the overall ladder.

The basis for the Ladder is groups of 5 players arranged into levels with Level A being the highest-ranked players. Each player will play each of the other members of the level during the month, and must play at least 3 matches to remain on the ladder. Matches are best 3 of 5 games and the scoring is as follows: 1 point for playing the game, one point for each game won, and 1 point for winning the match. Hence the minimum score for a matched played is 1, and the winner always receives 5 points.

At the end of the month, totals are tallied, and players are moved up or down in level. The top 2 players in each level advance to the next higher level, and the bottom 2 are moved to the next lower level. Then additions and removals are factored in and the next month’s Ladder is published.

New entrants are encouraged to select an initial level lower than they might desire, to ensure that ladder positions are appropriately earned. Players can sign up or indicate their desire to be removed from the Ladder on a sheet posted to the bulletin board, where scoring is also recorded.