The club hosts one official and several unofficial weekly round-robin events, where anybody can show up and be assured to get a few games in. This is a very popular format due largely to the friendly and inclusive nature of the club members, and the opportunity to play against opponents who have different skill levels.

The official round-robin is Wednesday nights, starting at 8 pm. Due to the Women’s T&D team also playing on offset weeks, sometimes this round-robin does not get underway until 8:30

There are also very popular Tuesday and Thursday round-robins that begin after work (5pm) and continue until 7pm.  Doubles is limited to 6:30 on Thursdays when the T and D team is at home.  Check our online booking system and if the court is booked at 6:00 that ok play until 6:30.

There is a Sunday morning round-robin that begins at 8:30 and continues until the Clinic begins at 10:30.

And finally, there is a round-robin for insomniacs, on Friday mornings beginning at 6:30am and continuing until approximately 8am. A good way to get energized for the day, but understandably this one is not over-booked.

Members may organize other round-robins as desired, being respectful of “prime-time” evening and weekend hours, and of course using the booking system to reserve courts.