RHSC – Reopening Date & Revised Protocols

JULY 16, 2021

Good afternoon squash club members.
As a result of the province entering Step 3, the Richmond Hill Squash Club is now reopened, effective, today Friday, July 16th.

The club, including all courts have now been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, ready for your return.

This is Great News – while your return to the ‘club experience’ is going to more closely resemble pre-COVID-19 times, there are still some important provisions that you need to know prior to your return. Take a moment to review our required practices and guidelines below.

Club Operations

  • Open hours – back to full normal
  • Fobs have been reactivated for easy entry
  • Online Booking System fully operational

General Club Requirements

  • Operating at 50% capacity during step 3. Please note: this should not result in any noticable difference during your normal club visits (especially during the summer months)
  • Masks or face covering must be worn at all time within the club; exceptions – while on court, in the gym, or using showers
  • 2-metre physical distancing must be practised at all times within the club; exceptions – on court or using showers
  • The club will have the required Covid Safety Plan posted, please take note
  • When entering, self screening/sign-in is required (use the sign in sheet or QR Code sign-in on your phone – exactly the same procedure as prior to the last shut down (details posted inside front door)

Playing Singles and Doubles Squash

  • Normal singles and doubles play is permitted
  • All members playing must be signed in via advance online booking
  • No mask required while on court
  • No pods/teams necessary
  • Court markings or physical distancing on court no longer required
  • Coaching permitted without any mask requirements for either players or coaches
  • Sanitizing spray bottle and/or wipes is available outside of each court for members to use on the door/handle on entering & exiting
  • Additionally, the club will be cleaned 3 times per week.

Fitness Centre

  • Open, can be used without a mask
  • Sanitizing spray bottles and wipes available as you enter the gym. Use to clean/sanitize equipment after use
  • Additionally, cleaned end of each day
  • Multiple members can use the gym as long as 2 metres physical distancing is maintained

Locker Room & Shower Area

  • Mask still required when moving around the locker room, except in shower
  • Full locker room and shower access is available
  • Towel service in the locker room will resume


As protocols evolve we will stay up to date with all new announcements around protocol amendments and advise you as they arise.

If you have any questions, see email contacts below:
rhsquashclub@gmail.com | j.quance@rogers.com

We hope you enjoy your return to the Richmond Hill Squash Club and remind you to remember — many of us have been absent from any meaningful/strenuous exercise for an extended period, so we should all start slow and move about the court carefully.

On behalf of your Board of Directors, we wish you a HUGE ‘welcome back’.
Communications, RHSC

905.884.6062 | rhsquashclub@gmail.com
~enhancing your squash club experience~


JUNE 5, 2021

A Way Forward is Becoming Clearer for the Richmond Hill Squash Club Reopening

We trust you are finding some time to enjoy the beginning of Ontario’s warmer summer weather.

Making the Best of Our Great Outdoors
Gentle warm breezes are here. Perhaps a weekend family picnic, a brisk walk in the park, participating in some allowable much needed outdoor sports. Finally, the weather is our friend!

Indeed, some of our attention is surely turning away from the sport we like most –

– S Q U A S H –

While this is a little bit true, please know the Board of Directors continue to be focused on bringing us all back to our much missed on-court experiences as soon as possible.

Is there a Plan
The province has issued a 3-Step COVID-19 Reopening Plan. At the heart of the strategy are Key Health Indicators (KHI) that will drive our progress to move through the steps as briskly as possible and to get us back to ‘life as normal’ as soon as possible.

Step-1 is scheduled to begin around June 14th. Based on KHI status in the province right now (i.e. looking at the metrics), this date could very well be advanced and ‘possibly’, the start dates for subsequent Step-2 and Step-3 could also be moved up (no guarantees at this point, but things are looking very favorable today, June 2nd).

When can Squash Resume
Indoor sports including squash will likely resume as part of Step-3. So, later in the summer. As the month of June and early into July play out, we will have a much more definitive understanding of what our Return to Play (RTP) will look like. We expect to hear from the Province, Local Public Health and Squash Ontario in order to confirm Step-2 and Step-3 allowable indoor activities, possible restrictions & guidelines, vaccination parameters and most importantly, a more definitive Step-3 start date.

Until then, we are very optimistic squash will return in the summer, the sooner the better, obviously.

For all the details on Ontario’s 3-Step Reopening Plan, go to:


Does the RH Squash Club’s Have a Return to Play Plan
We share everyone’s disappointment in the disruption to our squash activities over the past several months.
We are committed to getting you back on court as soon as possible. We will distribute the RTP Plan for our club as soon as we have definitive guidance from health officials and Squash Ontario. While getting you back to playing the game we all love is a top priority, we are equally determined to doing it in the safest way feasible.

Summer in Canada is Short, Enjoy Every Moment
In the meantime, we wish you a happy, healthy summer. We continue to encourage you to get vaccinated if you can when it’s your turn (first & second doses) and stay active in safe ways.

Kind regards to our good friends.
Staying active, staying positive is the call of the day,
Communications, RHSC

905.884.6062 | rhsquashclub@gmail.com
~enhancing your squash club experience~



APRIL 23, 2021

RH 2020 Volunteer & Milestone Awards – ‘We’re a Recipient’

Good afternoon Richmond Hill.
This past week, we attended Richmond Hill’s 56th Annual Volunteer & Milestone Awards. As you would expect, the event was conducted ‘virtually’, but the celebratory energy and excitement was nonetheless, electric! This event is very important in Richmond Hill. Our club was honored with a Milestone Award in recognition of 50 years of service in Richmond Hill.

(Image Above) – RHSC President, Mustafa Salemwalla, Accepts 50th Anniversary Milestone Award

At the squash club, we all need to take a bow knowing we have been serving the community for more than 50 years with valuable fitness and fun, fun, fun. We thank our late Founder, Douglas Allen for starting something special back in 1970. Today, we thank our members for their continuing support in helping to sustain a unique community-based organization with glowing amounts of community-spirited fellowship.

‘When it’s time to celebrate together, count on it, we will!’

The full video of the virtual ceremony will be shared soon and when safe to do so, will again be featured at our regrettably postponed…..

50th Anniversary Gala Event

You will see how our squash club was recognized online by City officials and how other local organizations & very special individuals were honoured for their important contributions to the Richmond Hill community.

To all our members and the community, we continue to encourage you to stay positive during our present-day challenges. Be active in safe ways; we hope to see you very soon.
RH Squash Club
Mustafa Salemwalla, President
Jim Quance, Communications Director

905.884.6062 | rhsquashclub@gmail.com
~enhancing your squash club experience~


APRIL 17, 2021

Challenges Like We Have Never Seen Before

Good afternoon Squash Club Members and City of Richmond Hill Residents

We wanted to check in with you, just hoping everyone is okay, and to let you know the RHSC Board of Directors is thinking about our members and the community during these troubling times.

Latest news with further restrictions is troubling but likely very necessary to get us through this ‘once in a lifetime’ condition. Other clichés have been said before so nothing further to add here. We hope you will find the coming weeks manageable in following the protocols that are now in front of us. It will be challenging, no question, but we can do it!

We encourage everyone to stay positive as possible as difficult as it sometimes will be. Follow the guidelines, stay active in safe ways and look to the future for better days to come.

If you have any questions about our club, if you need assistance in some way, or you would like to provide feedback to the Board of Directors, please do not hesitate to let us know.


We wish you and your family well, please take care.

Board of Directors, Communications

905.884.6062 | rhsquashclub@gmail.com
~enhancing your squash club experience~


APRIL 2, 2021

Temporary Closure In Effect “Saturday, April 3rd/12:01am”

The Ontario government has issued a province-wide shutdown order starting Saturday and running for at least the next 4 weeks. Unfortunately for the Richmond Hill Squash Club, effective Saturday, April 3rd, this means we must close our facility until further notice.

We will keep members and the community informed of any changes from the Province and local Public Health that may affect future reopening plans and possible further restrictions for ‘return to play’.

We encourage you to stay active in safe ways, and to monitor the club’s Facebook page & Squash Ontario’s website for exercise, health & wellness suggestions during these unusual, stressful times.


To Our Members and the Community:
thank you for your continued support and cooperation. We wish you, your families and the community good health and safety through these unusually difficult times.
Board of Directors, Communications

905.884.6062 | rhsquashclub@gmail.com
~enhancing your squash club experience~

Thank You to Our Digital Partner

Patricia Riveron | Digital Marketing Specialist

Web Design, Facebook & Google Manager

Phone: (647) 551 7141  



MARCH 21, 2021


RHSC is thrilled to share great news with our home town community.

The Richmond Hill Squash Club has been honoured with a‘Milestone Anniversary Certificate’ from the City of Richmond Hill for 50 years of service in our community.
While we are presently operating in challenging, unprecedented, but temporary times, the club’s history of growth and the journey is what has delivered us to where we are today —

Healthy Success, Wellbeing, Prosperity

Amazing Past, Even Better Future

A vibrant, thriving sports facility in north GTA, we continue to be well positioned for the future. For families, men & women, juniors, couples & partners, doubles and singles play, recreational and competitive, we’re the squash club for today and tomorrow.

Storied History

We encourage you to read about the club’s history and the many growth milestones that brought us to where we are today. A fun, informative read, 5 minutes and you’re right up the curve on our treasured story.
Click on ‘about us‘, ‘history‘ for all the details.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

See the photo below — the Certificate that will be presented to the RHSC on April 20th by the City of Richmond Hill (virtual presentation).

Richmond Hill Squash Club
Celebrating 50 years of HITS

Names Behind the Scenes

At this time, we want to acknowledge the dedication, commitment and contribution of today’s Board of Directors. We are a squash club not often duplicated. Run by a group of volunteers who love squash and are delighted to donate their time in order to enhance your every experience at the Richmond Hill Squash Club.
  • Mustafa Salemwala (President)
  • Don Pocock
  • Jim Quance
  • Duncan Peake
  • Robert Dube
  • Kathleen Crosbie
  • Brenda Garel
  • Luch DiSerio
  • Thang Le
  • Marco Wong
  • Victor Lobo
  • David Gee

Spring & Summer are on the Way

To our local community – we hope you and your family are safe & healthy and we join with you in getting back to as normal as possible as soon as we can. As always, if you have any questions or comments about our club, please let us know. 
So, join with us and bask in the glow of 50 amazing years, hold your breath for the next 50 !
RHSC Communications
~enhancing your squash club experience~

rhsquashclub@gmail.com | 905.884.6062



MARCH 3, 2021

Good morning Squash Club Players and Members of the Community.
Linked is the “Return to Play Guidelines” that Squash Ontario has provided. This set of protocols guide the operation of our squash club in order to help keep members and the community safe during these challenging times.
If you have any questions about the Guidelines or the Richmond Hill Squash Club, please let us know.
RHSC Communications
~enhancing your squash club experience~

rhsquashclub@gmail.com | 905.884.6062


Richmond Hill Squash Club Returns to ‘RED Control’ Classification – February 23, 2021

FEBRUARY 20, 2021

Good evening RH Squash Club Members.
With the approval of the Province and Local Public Health, we have been advised that York Region is returning to the Red-Control Zone, effective February 22nd.

Consequently, the Richmond Hill Squash Club is able to reopen, effective Tuesday, February 23rd. You will recall, the Red-Control Zone level of health safety protocols is what was imposed back in November 2020, before York entered ‘Stay at Home’ status.

We must stress to all members, the present COVID-19 Pandemic remains a very serious and ongoing health issue and everyone must continue to exercise extreme caution and follow all the protocols when going about their adjusted daily routine.

Playing Squash at the Richmond Hill Squash Club under Red-Zone Conditions

1. Game Play

  • No regular on court game play is permitted, unless players are in the same household
  • Drills are permitted among members in same pod
  • During drills, players must maintain distance of at least 2 meters
  • Courts will be marked with allowed zones; you must adhere to your zone
  • Solo practice is permitted, singles and doubles

2. Coaching

  • Coaches must maintain a distance of at least 2 meters and wear a mask

3. Staying Safe

  • It is required that everyone wear certified eye-wear and a mask when on court
  • While in the club, members must maintain two-meter physical distancing at all times

4. Guests & Spectators

  • No guests nor spectators are permitted
  • Exemption for children who can be accompanied by one parent/guardian

5. Playing in Pods Only

  • Maximum 10 players per pod – members can only be in one pod/team at a time and can change a maximum of once per month
  • ‘sign up’ for pod play is on the bulletin board at the club (must be strictly adhered to)

Ongoing Safety Protocols

In addition to the above Red classification requirements, members MUST follow these additional protocols-

  1. Arrive 5 minutes before your booked court time, no earlier
  2. Sign in on every visit, instructions are the same as before, follow sign in procedure posted at front door entrance
  3. Advance booking only, no drop ins (courts are available on a ‘staggered basis only’ to minimize exposure to others, see online booking)
  4. Wear a mask/face covering at all times while in the club
  5. Wipe down the court door handle with sanitizer on arrival and again on departure
  6. When on court, avoid touching the walls at all times and stay 2 meters apart while doing drills with another player
  7. Maintain 2 meter physical distance while in the club at all times
  8. Change rooms, showers and saunas are closed. Washrooms are open
  9. Use hand sanitizer generously to clean your hands while at the club
  10. When your booked court time is expired, LEAVE the club promptly (this is very important for air quality safety)

If we want to keep members and families and the community safe, and we want to keep the club open, we must strictly follow these protocols on every visit.

Stay safe and mindful of the guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation.
RHSC Communications

~enhancing your squash club experience~



FEBRUARY 6, 2021

Fun in a Different Way for Our Members

Unfortunately, due to ongoing Local Public Health Restrictions, the RHSC must stay closed for a little longer.
But, we just can’t wait to see all our members again. No, no, no, we really, really CAN’T WAIT. So, we’re getting a little nimble, getting creative and planning to have some fun doing it.

Save the Date: Saturday, February 20th 5pm – 615pm

Event: ‘Zoom Virtual Scavenger Hunt’

Together, but Apart:

What’s Next:
Let us know if you would like to join our Squash Club Family for this great online event and we’ll send you:

  • Zoom Invitation
  • Simple Instructions on how to participate in this fun-filled scavenger hunt event

Email us at rhsquashclub@gmail.com or j.quance@rogers.com by February 12th and tell us ‘you’re in.’

Until then, stay warm and active in safe ways.

Let us know if you’ll be joining in on the fun, email us today!

RHSC Communications Department

~enhancing your squash club experience~



JANUARY 16, 2021

2021’s Short Term Forecast:
It’s very clear January 2021 continues to reflect troubled and challenging times.

We join with you and your families in hoping everyone gets through these challenging times with good health, both physical and mental, and that what is being experienced now, will soon be behind us.

We are committed to following local authorities by following public health regulations to help slow & stop the spread of this stubborn, tenacious virus. Additionally, Squash Ontario is key in guiding how squash clubs go about operating their sports facility. They have been an instrumental go-to resource and will continue to be instrumental in determining key policy and short term operating procedures so that everyone stays safe.

While acceptance of new memberships at the present time is on hold, we welcome your comments and questions as the next few months play out.

rhsquashclub@gmail.com | 905.884.6062

‘Stay at Home Order’, Province Wide:
RHSC will continue to be fully closed until further notice.
This is very unfortunate. We share member’s and the community’s disappointment and frustration. Ongoing, the Board is committed to keeping abreast of public health announcements and Squash Ontario recommendations.

As we get updates, so will you, and quickly. Until we’re open again, either partly or fully, we wish you good health and encourage you to stay active in safe and allowable ways.

RHSC 2021 Golf Tournament
Some good news!


Mark your calendar; add it to your ‘2021 hope-chest’. Hopefully, ‘good to go’ by September.

Members, community friends; keep well and stay active in safe and allowable ways.

~enhancing your squash club experience~



RHSC – Happy New Year & Request for Assistance

DECEMBER 31, 2020


One of our own needs our help. 

The great majority of RHSC members are looking forward to 2021 when we’ll be entering into the light after a very dismal year.

On behalf of RHSC President and Board of Directors, I wish you all the best in 2021 and for years to come. There will be excellent squash to be played, celebrations to be rung in, and hugs and kisses to be enjoyed.

Joan Brann and her husband Bob and their family have a very different view of the coming year. Bob has been diagnosed with ALS, which is better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, and it must be one of the worst conditions to have. The mind knows what to do and think but the body can’t follow the mind’s signals. Bob, an accomplished guitarist, singer and harmonica jammer can no longer produce a note and will soon need a lot of help getting through a day. As well as Personal Support Workers he will need various equipment like a chair lift or a wheelchair and this is where we can help.

Joan and Bob’s daughter, Aja, have set up a GOFUNDME link where we can donate any amount we want. It is a matter of many contributing small amounts and together it builds into a significant amount.
We, at the RHSC, are Joan’s community of friends and I know we have each other’s backs when things get rough. And so I’m asking that our squash club community go forward into better times to please hit the link below and make your donation. It can be anonymous or not and there is not a tax receipt but there is that joy that you’ll receive from helping one of our own.


I did it and it took less than a minute. 


Thanks for your support,
Don Pocock, 
Director, Richmond Hill Squash Club


~enhancing your squash club experience~



York Region enters ‘Grey – Lockdown’, RHSC Fully Closed

DECEMBER 14, 2020


Regrettably, York region joins Toronto and Peel region in Lockdown in our joint fight in containing the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.
This development is obviously not where we hoped we were headed, however, the RHSC Board of Directors agree our club’s closure is a necessary step in order to help contain the spread and get everyone back to as close to normal as soon as possible.
Until then, we wish everyone good health and encourage you to stay active in safe ways. Follow us on Facebook for squash exercise & great training tips during the club closure. Watch this space and Facebook for further updates around facility news and changes to guidelines and regulations.
Be well.
RHSC Communications


rhsquashclub@gmail.com | 905.884.6062
~enhancing your squash club experience~





RHSC Supporting the Community Recovery


RHSC Supporting the Community Recovery

~enhancing your squash club experience~




Checking In: York Region & North GTA Remains in Red Classification

NOVEMBER 20, 2020


Good afternoon Richmond Hill.
The province announced ”Lockdowns” in Toronto and Peel designed to help slow the spread. As neighbours, we support you in every way we can.


York Region, and Richmond Hill was not included in this tightening strategy. We encourage our Squash Club members to continue to do our part to help keep our families, friends and all communities healthy and safe by doing our part by strictly following protocols currently in place.


With everyone’s compliance, we will beat this virus and help speed our way back to some version of normalcy as soon as possible.


Stay safe.
RHSC Board of Directors


~enhancing your squash club experience~




Richmond Hill Squash Club Updates COVID-19 Safety Protocols

NOVEMBER 16th, 2020 @ 9:10


Because York region has progressed from the Orange to Red classification, the RHSC has tightened its facility protocols. No one in our squash community wanted these increasingly difficult guidelines, however, everyone agrees, they are absolutely necessary to help keep everyone safe and healthy.
If you want more information about the Richmond Hill Squash Club and the current protocols in place, please contact us at your convenience.

rhsquashclub@gmail.com | 905.884.6062

~enhancing your squash club experience in North GTA~



Return to Play Protocol Changes – York Region Stage 2

OCTOBER 18th, 2020 @ 10:52

All Members,

By now you will have heard York Region has moved back to Stage 2 modified category and this will have an impact on our current “Return to Play” protocols.

Richmond Hill Squash Club with guidance from Squash Ontario will adopt the following protocols for the next 28 days or until we are out of the Stage 2 category.

As of October 19th, 2020, pursuant to Ontario legislation, the playing protocols are subject to the following restrictions:

Permitted Activities: 

  • a) A distance of 2 metres between players in the club must be maintained at all times, except for players living within the same household; solo practice, controlled coaching and modified distanced drills in pods are permitted but no singles or doubles game play allowed unless all players are within the same household.
  • b) A maximum of 10 players is permitted at any one time within the club.
  • c) We will continue to maintain the use of Pods to limit the number of interactions among players within a facility.
  • d) All current protocols including signing in, online booking, cleaning remain in place.

Club Operations: 

  • a) Fitness area will be closed and cannot be used during the Stage 2 Category.
  • b) No guests or spectators are permitted in the facility.
  • c) Showers in the club will be closed.

I look forward to your support in adhering to the protocols as we continue to weather the current challenges.

Mustafa S
Richmond Hill Squash Club





OCTOBER 16th, 2020 @ 17:23 

Doing our part will help ensure we get back to ‘full normal’ as soon as possible
Greetings Richmond Hill Squash Club members and GTA Sports Enthusiasts.
We’re so fortunate, our sports club is open. Members are playing with Squash Ontario guidelines in full force. Our commitment to player safety and the good health of our community is at the forefront of everything we do.
Let’s make sure we are all abiding by the protocols in order to keep you, your family, other members and the community safe.


If you have any questions, connect with us at: 
rhsquashclub@gmail.com | 905.884.6062

~enhancing your squash club experience in North GTA~




Welcome New Members to Squash In Richmond Hill

SEPTEMBER 28th, 2020 @ 21:36

The new squash season is here. While Return to Play (RTP) conditions are currently guiding how we are all able to play, we’re doing everything possible to ensure your safety and get us back on court.

We have a special COVID introductory rate for any new application, rates are below:

2020/21 Annual Membership, Discounted Special Pricing Payment Frequency Fee HST Total Grand total
Single Monthly payment $ 82.62 $ 10.74 $ 93.36 $ 933.60
Single Annual $ 761.18 $ 98.95 $ 860.13 $ 860.13
Family Monthly payment $ 129.96 $ 19.42 $ 149.38 $ 1493.80
Family Annual $ 1224.00 $ 159.12 $ 1383.12 $ 1383.12

If you are interested in exploring membership opportunities including our current ‘discount offer’ at a great north Toronto sports facility, please DOWNLOAD the following application form and send it, to at your convenience, to rhsquashclub@gmail.com, someone will be in touch with you shortly to review and welcome you.

Download (DOC, 29KB)

~enhancing your squash club experience~

Passing of our Founder — Mr. Doug Allen

Our beloved founder Doug Allen passed away on Oct. 1st.

Doug’s influence and inspiration travelled near and far over many years. He touched countless lives with his energy, his thoughtfulness and his limitless humour. We in his squash club are the beneficiaries of Doug’s vision and persistence.

Fifty years ago his vision was realized with the Richmond Hill Squash Club’s groundbreaking and subsequent construction becoming a reality. Over these fifty years countless friendships were made, too many games to count were played, celebrations big and small brought us all together and all due to Doug’s dreams, his inclusivity and perseverance.

One original North American style court transformed over the years to four International courts and a marvelous doubles court under the guidance of Doug. His leadership and trust in others shaped success in everything he did.

His reach extended to Central America where he was the driving force to build 26 schools under the Schools for Children of the World banner, an organization that he founded. Currently there is a high school under construction in Honduras named after Doug Allen to ensure that his monumental efforts will always be remembered.

Closer to home he founded the Richmond Hill canoe club and taught many kids the art of paddling and to respect our waterways.

Doug’s squash game was an awesome combination of shots, gamesmanship, savvy timing and of course intimidation. As a left-hander his angles and positioning put many a player at a real disadvantage. He would smile broadly at his opponent but at the end of a match his quickness was still intact as he offered his opponents a friendly beer.

Doug you meant so much to so many and to say you’ll be missed is the greatest understatement.

Don Pocock


Welcome to the Richmond Hill Squash Club – (Original Message)

We are thrilled that you are interested in finding out more about the great sport of Squash. Our website is rich with information to help you get started.

Right now, you can purchase a 3-month trial membership for yourself or a friend for just $179.
Find out what it’s like to get amazing exercise and the same time, have loads of FUN playing ‘indoor’ squash. As a club that is open 24/7, you get your own personal FOB giving you 24-hour access.
We also offer one month advance online booking, singles and doubles courts, Monday night House League, Ladder play, monthly club events and more – you get access to all of this, included in your 3-month membership fee. And you don’t pay a penny (or a loonie) more for your court time. It’s included.

Our club welcomes people of all playing levels. Right now, we are particularly looking for beginners and players who are just starting out.
Contact me today to answer any questions you may have, get your free tour and get you or a friend started this week.

Squash – it’s easy, it’s affordable, it’s fun and most important, it could be your start to great exercise.

Do more, feel better, live longer.

Richmond Hill Squash Club



The Richmond Hill Squash Club prioritizes the health and safety of our members, guests and staff. The Public Health Agency of Canada officials are encouraging the public to take proactive steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

In consideration of the health of our Club community your Board of Directors has unanimously supported the decision to close the Club on March 16 at 5:00 pm until further notice.  

Although we are not aware of any presumptive or confirmed cases of COVID-19 among our members, guests or staff, we feel that we should align with recommendations from the man government advisers including the Chief Medical Officer of Health and our local Public Health.  

We will continue to assess the situation on a regular basis and communicate with members regularly as more information becomes available. We understand the closure will have a significant impact on our Club community and that you will have many questions. We kindly ask for your patience as we endeavour to answer them.  

Please contact Robert Dubé (rdube0330@gmail.com) if you have any questions.  

We are hopeful that this decision will help to protect our Club community and the communities in which we all reside. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times.

2019 Club Champs — Results

ON April 27 the club held its 2018-19 Club Championship Finals for all levels in both singles and doubles.  We had a great day, the event was well attended by members and guests.  Before announcing the results I would like to thank all our sponsors (see attached), as well as everyone who helped out with refereeing, serving food and drinks, selling raffle tickets and cleaning up after.  Everyone’s participation is a testament to how good our club and members are!!!

Here are the champions (all names will be added to our plaque wall):
Women’s Singles A — Heather Dart 
Women’s Singles B — Margaret Jin Chan
Men’s Singles A — Dave Conte
Men’s Singles B — Thang Lê
Men’s Singles C — Mark McKay
Men’s Singles D — Scott Skinner
Club Doubles A — Marco Wong and Thang Lê
Club Doubles B — Paul and Nicolas Reimer
Club Doubles C — Nick Rapp and Shabbir Jaffer
Club Doubles D — Akil Dhirani and Shabbir Kanjee
Women’s Doubles A — Heather Dart and Brenda Garel
Women’s Doubles B – Farhat Salemwalla and Danielle Leblanc
Mixed Doubles A — Farhat Salemwalla and Paul Reimer
Mixed Double B — Carrol and Brad Trunk
A special thank you to Reinaldo Rivas who coordinated all the draws and stayed on top of all of us to make the tournament a success again this year.

NEW — Junior Squash Program Starting January 2019


Starting in January 2019, we are excited to announce the RHSC Junior Squash Program.


This program is designed to introduce the game of Squash to children in the Richmond Hill area.

For the children of RHSC members and non-members, this program would introduce them to a wonderful game that provides health and fitness benefits along with a greater sense of self accomplishments, competitive spirit, discipline and pride.

Squash provides an alternative athletic experience for students who are not involved in team sports, or who may desire to develop other athletic skills in addition to those offered by hockey, football, soccer, basketball, etc. Squash also has a proven track record as an excellent sport for students who enjoy individual competition.

We are in the process of organizing and scheduling the program. If you and your children are interested in learning more, please contact Reinaldo Rivas at: RHSC.JuniorSquash@gmail.com


  • 1-2 weekly sessions.
  • Each session will be 1 hour.
  • *Sessions will be planned for:
    • Wednesday evenings (7-8pm and 8-9pm)
    • Saturday afternoons (1-2pm, 2-3pm, 3-4pm)
  • Children from 6-17 are eligible to join and based on the skills & level, we will divide the kids into 4 groups:
    • Beginners: Never played squash before. Players can’t hit the ball consistently.
    • Intermediate: Players that can hit the ball but still can’t do rallies or consistently do good serves
    • Advanced: Players that can keep a decent rally and consistently do good serves.
    • “Elite”: Players that can rally, drill, have a great variety of shots and precision, great footwork and keen to play Tournaments and other competitive events.
  • **Costs:
    • Members: $16/session, per child- $80 for 5 sessions. 10 sessions program is available at $150
    • Non-Members: $19/session, per child- $95 for 5 sessions. 10 sessions program is available as well at $180
    • Discounts for Siblings & Referrals also available. Please refer to the PRICING & SCHEDULING


  • Fill out the registration forms and waivers
  • Protective eyeware for kids & Squash Racquet Squash racquet (We will have some racquets & protective eye ware available, but might not be able to have one for everyone depending upon the number of participants)


Below are links to other important information about the program.

* Schedules are subject to change depending on availability players and coaches. Please refer always to the most recent MONTHLY CALENDAR. Last minute changes will be communicated via email.

** Costs per sessions are subject to change without previous notification. Please refer always to the most recent PRICING & SCHEDULING


The Junior Program will be conducted by 2 Coaches: Reinaldo Rivas & Paul Reimer.


Born & raised in Caracas, Venezuela, I started playing squash when I was 11 years old. Very quickly after I started participating in National & International tournaments, helping grow the passion for the sport even more. Although I never made the Professional Squash Circuit, I became one of the top players in the Caribbean and South America in the early 90’s. I had the opportunity to travel to many countries to play & teach the sport.

In 1989, I took over the challenge to full fill my coach’s footsteps. Since then, I have taught the sport to well over 1,000 squash players and in many cases, changed for better, people’s lives forever. I came to Canada in 2003 and quickly joined the squash community. I played in many different Tournaments, Leagues and discovered Doubles in 2006, for which I grew a great passion.

I continued to teach squash in clubs & gyms such as: Sports Clubs of Canada, GoodLife Fitness and joined the Richmond Hill Squash Club team in 2012.

Below a list of the highlights:

  • Ontario Squash Coach Certified (Level 1).
  • Represented Venezuela in multiple International Events.
  • Teaching Squash since 1989 (Europe, South America and Canada).
  • Participated in North American, European, Caribbean and Latin-American Tournaments.
  • 1991-2000- National Champion 9 straight years- Venezuela.
  • 1991-1992- Europe Squash Tour- England, Belgium, Portugal.
  • 1994- South American Top 16 (South American Tour: Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador).
  • 1998- Open Caribbean Champion- Barbados- Caribbean Squash Circuit.
  • 2004- Ontario’s “A” Champion.
  • 2014 – Division 1 Singles T&D Champions (Summer).
  • 2015, 2017-2018 – IMAST Team Champions.
  • 2017, 2018 – 40+ Buffalo Doubles Invitational Tournament Champion


I love to compete.  As a kid my goal was always to beat the next best player.  I really enjoy drills, working on my game, my shots, and my footwork. My father was an accredited coach, and early on he taught me the benefit of practice and analyzing the game.  I also love to teach, and while I’ve never taught professionally, I’ve taught a lot of people to play.

  • I’ve played racquet sports since I was old enough to hold a racquet.
  • Under 16 provincial badminton champion 3 years in a row.
  • Played national level badminton for a year until I moved on to university.
  • Picked up squash around 16 years old.
  • Created and ran squash house league at Lakehead University for 2 years. Taught quite a few students and teachers how to play.
  • Ran Squash house league at RFA (club no longer around) for many years.
  • Competed in T&D and tournaments since the mid-1990s. Highest I ever finished was Provincial Champs finalist B, and T&D B level Champion.
  • Worked & drilled with Rob Brooks for many years.

RHSC Closing in on 50th Anniversary

In just 3 short years, the Richmond Hill Squash Club will celebrate 5 decades serving Richmond Hill and the northern GTA.

The excitement will surely gain momentum as we get closer, however, why wait!

RHSC caters to players of all levels – from beginners, those new to squash, right up to more seasoned competitors including players who are interested in inter-club competition.

If you would like more information about what makes RHSC different from other sports facilities, or if you would like a free tour, please contact us at your convenience.

We have a special 3-month trial membership available for a limited time. In the colder months of winter, now would be the perfect time to give squash in Richmond Hill a try.

J.S. Quance
President, RHSC
Enhancing Your Squash Club Experience