Doubles Champions at RHSC

After a grueling season on the court we are proud to announce that our Division 5 Men’s team has won the division championship final on Wednesday night at the Cricket Club, with a victory over the Toronto Lawn and Tennis.
As special mention is also in order to all the members who came to the matches to cheer our team on (you know who you are!!!)
After only 3 years in the Ontario Squash Doubles League, this is an achievement to really be proud of at the Richmond Hill Squash Club.  The OSDL is the oldest competitive doubles league in the world, with over 40 teams competing this year in 6 Divisions.
Congratulations to the team members who worked hard all year for this prize:
Robert Dubé (captain), Reinaldo Rivas, Jim Hamilton, Andrew Longwell, John Stoneburgh, John Kervin, Thang Le, Farrell Leibovitch, David Zur, Yunus Mohamed, Alfredo Portillo, Mike Rueck, Brian Spettigue, Scott Skinner, Danny Paolucci, Doug Clark.
IMG_0081 (1)IMG_0085
Great work boys!!!!!!!!