RHSC – Reopening Date & Revised Protocols

Good afternoon squash club members.
As a result of the province entering Step 3, the Richmond Hill Squash Club is now reopened, effective, today Friday, July 16th.

The club, including all courts have now been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, ready for your return.

This is Great News – while your return to the ‘club experience’ is going to more closely resemble pre-COVID-19 times, there are still some important provisions that you need to know prior to your return. Take a moment to review our required practices and guidelines below.

Club Operations

  • Open hours – back to full normal
  • Fobs have been reactivated for easy entry
  • Online Booking System fully operational

General Club Requirements

  • Operating at 50% capacity during step 3. Please note: this should not result in any noticable difference during your normal club visits (especially during the summer months)
  • Masks or face covering must be worn at all time within the club; exceptions – while on court, in the gym, or using showers
  • 2-metre physical distancing must be practised at all times within the club; exceptions – on court or using showers
  • The club will have the required Covid Safety Plan posted, please take note
  • When entering, self screening/sign-in is required (use the sign in sheet or QR Code sign-in on your phone – exactly the same procedure as prior to the last shut down (details posted inside front door)

Playing Singles and Doubles Squash

  • Normal singles and doubles play is permitted
  • All members playing must be signed in via advance online booking
  • No mask required while on court
  • No pods/teams necessary
  • Court markings or physical distancing on court no longer required
  • Coaching permitted without any mask requirements for either players or coaches
  • Sanitizing spray bottle and/or wipes is available outside of each court for members to use on the door/handle on entering & exiting
  • Additionally, the club will be cleaned 3 times per week.

Fitness Centre

  • Open, can be used without a mask
  • Sanitizing spray bottles and wipes available as you enter the gym. Use to clean/sanitize equipment after use
  • Additionally, cleaned end of each day
  • Multiple members can use the gym as long as 2 metres physical distancing is maintained

Locker Room & Shower Area

  • Mask still required when moving around the locker room, except in shower
  • Full locker room and shower access is available
  • Towel service in the locker room will resume


As protocols evolve we will stay up to date with all new announcements around protocol amendments and advise you as they arise.

If you have any questions, see email contacts below:
rhsquashclub@gmail.com | j.quance@rogers.com

We hope you enjoy your return to the Richmond Hill Squash Club and remind you to remember — many of us have been absent from any meaningful/strenuous exercise for an extended period, so we should all start slow and move about the court carefully.

On behalf of your Board of Directors, we wish you a HUGE ‘welcome back’.
Communications, RHSC

905.884.6062 | rhsquashclub@gmail.com
~enhancing your squash club experience~

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