Club Championship

Club Championships Underway

As our 2014/15 squash season comes to an end our major tournaments are well under way. This year again we are running both the Doubles and Singles as 2 different events.

Our Doubles Club Championship is in full swing with the Finals Scheduled for April 25, 2015. All members are encouraged to come out and enjoy an afternoon of Championship Squash as members of all levels finish their month long challenge to be named as the Doubles A, B, C, or D Club Team Champions.

Beginning April 13, 2015 is our Singles Club Championship. We are anticipating a month of great matches in Masters, Women’s and Men’s A, B, C, and D, draws. Our finals will be May 09, 2015 and like our doubles finale everyone is encouraged to come out for a great afternoon of squash.


Good Luck, Have Fun, and Play Hard!