4 Aces Rust Remover

4-Aces Rust Remover Squash Tournament

General Information:

  • Running the month of October 2014 with a fun kick off night Saturday October 4 and the finals night Saturday November 01, 2014
  • 4-Aces is a fun, competitive, team tournament for singles  matches to get members back in squash mode.
  • This event also allows members who play on different nights to get together and play members they might not regularly play.


  • Members register and will be placed on a team with 3 other players of different calibre, A, B, C and D levels.
  • Members are responsible for playing other registered players of their level not their team in their division.
  • Players will record their individual scores which will be added to their team’s score sheet.
  • Matches are the best of 5 rally point to 15 one point awarded for every rally, players must win by 2 points. It is possible to have a score more than 15, an example would be the score is 14-14 the match goes to 16. If the score is 15 – 15 the score goes to 17 etc.

What do you need to do?

  • Sign up – do it now limited number of spots for this event. (By Proshop)
  • Pay your entry fee.
  • Play your matches before posted dates. (on sheets)
  • Record your scores on score slip.
  • Check updated team postings for team scores.
  • Top teams will play on our finals night.

All members are invited to come out to the socials – a great opportunity to cheer on the finalists and have a fantastic time.

Entry Fee:

  • There is a $30.00 entrance fee for the 4-Aces Tournament. This fee helps with Pizza and prizes for Finals night. Players need to be present to win draw prize.
  • In an interest to keep expenses low we are offering a $5.00 discount for a donated prize for our finals night.