Doubles Pyramid

The doubles pyramid is designed to allow team to play a competitive “challenge” type event where players of different levels can intermingle and have fun.  The goal is to bring your team as high as possible in the rankings and also maintain your positions.


This is a challenge pyramid. You can challenge any team to the left in your level or one level up.  If you are at the left hand side, your can challenge any team in the row above.

A Challenge must be accepted with 10 days of the request. Failure to accept will result in being dropped one level.  The game does not need to be played within 10 days if mutually agreed.

A challenge match consists of a best 3 of 5 games. Games are to 15 points. All doubles squash rules apply including lets and points.

A win by the challenger results in the winning team being moved in front of the losing team.

A loss by the challenger results in no movement but should still be reported to register the challenge as official.

All challenges and results should be addressed to:

All requests to be added to the pyramid should be addressed to:
Any new teams will be added to the end of the last row, no exceptions.
The new team will have a one time opportunity to challenge anywhere on the Pyramid, at any time of their choosing.

A player can be a member of multiple teams each with different partners.