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Golf Event Concludes with Remarkable Sportsmanship

The recently concluded golf event provided participants with an exciting platform to showcase their golfing skills and exhibit exceptional sportsmanship. Here's a summary of the noteworthy achievements:

Best round of golf - Danny P. , Al H. , Fred R. and Andrew M.

Most honest round - Anna T. , Paula G. , Anna S. , and Robert D.

Men’s Longest Drive - Walter M.

Women’s Longest Drive - Farhat S.

Closets to the pin - Mo S.

We are greatful to our members for helping us make this a success and would like to present some special mentions: 

John H. | Don P. | Tony H. | Bill & Alison P. | Danielle T. | Mustafa & Farhat S. | Ruth M. | Joan B. | Brian R. | Greg V. | Archie C.  | John S. | Brenda G. | Julie S. | Robert D. | Luch D. | Lil S. | Brian A. | Peter H. | David W. | Marilyn S. | Scott S. 

We thank everyone for their time and we hope to keep up with these events that brings the community together.