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2024 3rd Annual St. Patrick's Willie's Day Challenge

Hello Members,

Well, it was another evening of shenanigans and malarkey.  The evening was filled with Double and Singles matches battling to win for their Ireland or Canadian team.  

One may ask, what kind of spells do leprechauns use…Lucky Charms!    IRELAND wins again!    

After all the cheering and jeering the shenanigan squad made their way to the President’s lounge to partake in eating some delicious Guinness Stew made by Chef Robert Dube.   This stew is a fan favourite and making a stew for over 45 people is no small feat.    

For your enjoyment, we captured a few pictures which can be viewed at this link > 2024 3rd Annual St. Patrick's Willie's Day Challenge

Until next year, a big thank you to our favourite Leprechaun, Willie Hosey,  for making this evening memorable and a special thanks to Chef, Robert Dube for the delicious Guinness Stew.